Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A tiny drop of water
Can hold a thousand words
The pain thats felt a whole life long
lies within its depths
And all the hate within the world
In this water's kept
A mother's child floats away
Her teardrops fall to earth to stay
A dagger stabs an innocent man
His teardrops fall on bloody hands
A daughters father lays in bed
The final bed in which he'll rest
The pain within a tiny tear
A thousand tales of hate and fear

Friday, June 1, 2007

My blog

OK! this is the beginning of my blog. the beginniong of an endless adventure about me...WOW! CHEESY! that was fun...anyways ill start with a list of ten things about me

1)I skate
2) I like to read and write
3) I am pretty much obsessed with msn
4) I hate math
5) I hate most aspects of my school including that it does not have air conditioning
6) I have 3 younger sibblings
7)I am in grade 8
8) I have 2 kitties one named Emily Lynne(Ellie) and the other named Simon (Simo)...they are both girls
9) I am hyper two thirds of the time the other time i am sleeping
10) I think far to much

An ode to insanity