Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Advice to myself in the past

I found this on another blog and it seemed really cool so I decided that I would try it!!!

Age 5- Your not really that pretty so you can stop singing
Age 6- Your teacher thinks your stupid...take advantage of it
Age 7- Figure out how to find your own way to the bathroom
Age 8- Your teacher is an evil villan in disguise...dont let your gaurd down
Age 9- Stop trying to fit in with people that are rude to you and just be yourself
Age 10- See age 5
Age 11- umm...brush your teeth and dont be embarassed of your gifts
Age 12- Stop trying to be like everybody else...if people insult you they are just jealous.
Age 13- Dont do School, stay in milk and drink your drugs!!!

Tell me what you think!!!

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Love it!!!! Age 11 or 12 especially, I can't remember which, but I think I'll try this format too, good post hon! I love you and your creativity!!! xoxoxo p.s you need some pics on here!

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